I started Khadija’s Fund  which is designed to help assist anyone facing a domestic violence situation and need help finding resources to get them emergency housing.  This fund will give immediate assistance and provide a sense of control and empowerment during a time that was very scary for survivors and their families. We will focus on assisting victims of domestic violence and helping them to transition from the abusive home environment into a safe lifestyle. As a survivor of domestic violence, over the past few years I have witnessed in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties the countless over-crowding of shelters leaving some survivors nowhere to turn but right back to their abuser. If there was an outsource fund to aid those fleeing a situation would make it possible for other survivors to escape their abuser. This fund is geared as a resource to help fund emergency hotel/living expenses and other necessary items needed to help a survivor cope with their escape plan.

With such support of the community to impact change both from the prevention side with educating youth and directly with survivors, will greatly improve family conditions.  Many find themselves trapped in a controlling relationship, which quickly escalated to consist of regular and extreme abuse; few barely survive months and years of multiple brutal incidences.  We want to provide hope despite being completely alone with no support and nowhere to go and the feeling of freedom that will help a survivor gain the confidence and courage to escape the abusive relationship. It’s important to have this fund available to individuals, grassroots and organizations that mainly focus on assisting domestic violence survivor. It will serve as a backup resource so no woman, child or man is turned away from getting the assistance they need.

Donating to this fund will allow those facing domestic violence, whether it is a co-worker, family, neighbor or a stranger can save their lives. Giving survivors an alternate route to escape their abuser and to live in a peaceful environment is our goal! 

Please support this cause!